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Written by Fideri   
Friday, 23 July 2010 00:39

Welcome to Uganda Videos! We are sure you have already figured out the stuff for yourself, but we thought we would give you a helping hand, just in case you missed something.

First, we should mention that Uganda Videos has got two sides to it - there is and there is Look at it as two doors to the same house. What you can do on, you can also do on Well, almost.

Now that we have that cleared up, lets get to the exciting stuff!


So, what exactly can Uganda Videos do for you? Or rather, what can you do on Uganda Videos?

  • Watch videos, listen to audio music and see photos - all from Uganda.
  • Create your own channel that you can share with relatives, friends and in-laws, as we say in Uganda.
  • Upload your own videos, photos and audio (copyright rules may be enforced, especially on audio music).
  • Add videos from other websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo! and DailyMotion.
  • Post your Uganda Videos media to your profile page, and watch it right from there.
  • Let Uganda Videos create news feeds for your Facebook account, based on what you do on Uganda Videos. For example, if you add a video through or through, Uganda Videos will inform all your Facebook friends that you posted a video, with a link to the video. Is that cool or what!
  • If you see a video that you like on Uganda Videos, you can add it to your channel by the click of a mouse.
  • Comment on the stuff that you see.
  • Download certain videos to your computer (only through
  • All your stuff will be available to you on Facebook or on!
  • No need to register. You can use your Facebook login details at too. But if you prefer, you can create a totally separate account on In this case, however, your stuff on Facebook and your stuff on will not be synchronised.
  • Make a meal of matooke by the click of a button. OK, not really...
  • It all 100% free. (The best things in life are free, remember?)

How it works:

Now that we have wowed you, we are sure you want to know how it all works. This is the best part: it works like magic. No complicated instructions. You want to share a video? Click "share". You want to add a video from YouTube or Facebook? Click  "Add Media". You want to add a video to your channel? Click "+MyList". You want to remove a video from your channel? Click "-MyList". You want to share your channel? Click "Share It". You are stuck or something doesn't work as expected, or you have a brilliant idea for us? Leave a comment here, or send us an email at: admin[at]ugandavideos[dot][com]

Enjoy it! 

Last Updated on Friday, 23 July 2010 01:59
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