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youths/ kambasabule- maurice cooper
started in 2007Maurice cooper is aself styled musician doing dancehall/ragga based in Kampala uganda started
music in 2007 5.9 fts tall achoclate skined not too big
Maurice Cooper is SELF STYLED musician doing ragga, reggea, hiphop, dancehall and fusions of hiphop rnb and open minded to all music genres(types) based in uganda kireka ,IT personel businessman with developmental strategies .started music in 2004 when in form 2 and officially in 2007 recorded ma first track and 1 album soon to premire in uganda and EastAfrica . so keep waiting for great thing to happen .you can as well as check me out on my official websites; and, post ,photo and coments download ma music or sign up to be a member .Adown to earth but short tempered with critcism about what am doing ..Am 5.9fts tall choclate skined . i draw my insipiration from Jamaican dancehall,reggea and ragga music with contious and crystal clear lyrics am song writer in luganda English and rasta patois . whiach is liked by many people and music lovers in many areas across the world. mi nah blend up wid BOMBOCLAT yuites dem ina me life nuff dem acome, me ago shutter dem dead cah me no want fi see dem and bigger dan dem.maurice cooper plays no gyal mind ina de club cah me got it aguan in de life .shooo! Aooh! .Am currently signed to O.J PRODUCTION based in kampala uganda which has done agreat work to produce for me base bumping dubs and vocal effecting all under producer O.J PAUL .so ma supporters ure now rocking with da best urban music RAGGA MUFFIN am there from 2now to 2then kaboooom!
User: maurice cooper
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Date: 2011-11-20 14:29:54
DJ Global ft Lilian Mbabazi, Ruyonga, Pl@y, Gasuza, Big Trill, Tha Mith and Beni Global - Shine the time is now
Shine (the time is now) by DJ Global ft Lilian Mbabazi, Ruyonga, Pl@y, Gasuza, Big Trill, Tha Mith and Beni Global - Uganda hiphop music 2012
User: Lorna
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Date: 2012-08-16 00:59:54
Every time I cry

Hip Hop, Bongo flavour

The kingdom Dancers started in 1997 and by far in Uganda they have been the first gospel dance group to dance to their own music revolutionising the ugandan gospel music industry. They have won numerous awards including;

2004 Top radio, Top TV regional winners.

2005 PAM award nominees for Best gospel single and Best gospel artist, group for song Every time I cry.

2007 VIGA award winners for Best dance group and Best western song,artist.(for song Yesu wee)

2008 VIGA award nominees for best dance group for (song when i call.)

User: Kingdom Dancers
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Date: 2008-06-17 04:34:08
Babaluku (Bataka Squad): Obuntubulamu [Official Video]
In 2009, Ugandan-based emcee Silas aka Babaluku of the legendary Bataka Squad Crew went on a fundraising trip to the US. His goals- to raise sufficient funds and support for his Bavubuka Foundation, a grassroots organization and growing movement on the streets of Kampala. Bavubuka, meaning youth in the Lugandan language, are currently a demographic powerhouse with more than 78% of the Ugandan population under the age of 24. The Bavubuka Foundation was started to support these young people, who must find their way within the sea of corruption, poverty, and instability that is the Ugandan reality. Hip hop has proven to be a powerful tool to empower and educate a resilient young Ugandan generation. While in the US, Silas hooked up with International Hip Hop label Nomadic Wax ( and film director Magee McIlvaine to shoot a quick video in DC in between Silas' numerous fundraising meetings. Squeezed into Silas' busy schedule, the two were able to shoot a short video for Silas' new song 'Obuntubulamu.' The video is Part 1 of the 'Luga Flow Chronicles,' a series of hip hop video shorts Silas will be releasing from Uganda over the next few months. We have released two versions of this video, one with subtitles in English, and one without.Please be sure to visit BAVUBUKA.ORG and support grassroots hip hop activism in Africa. And check out the revolutionary hip hop documentary 'Diamonds in the Rough' by 3rdi, which documents the hip hop movement in Uganda. You can view the trailer for that film by following this link:
User: Loketo
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Date: 2009-07-31 02:41:47
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